🔑The Key to Speaking French Well !!

It's simple, if you want to be able to speak French well, you have to practice holding conversations with people. There's really no way around it (but don't worry, we show you EXACTLY how to get started in this e-Course)

It's kind of like driving a car. If you want to be able to drive well, you have to be practice actually driving a car. No amount of watching videos or reading books or doing exercises will ever be enough to teach you how to drive unless you actually get a fair amount of practice behind the wheel.

It's the same thing with learning a language :)

The #1 thing to take away from this course is that you need to practice with someone. You can take classes, use apps, and read books, but if you never practice using the language, you'll never be able to speak French very well.

So go out, make some new friends, and have FUN!!

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You could check to see if there is an Alliance Française near you, they do monthly meetups!


Hello Talk - www.hellotalk.com

Tandem - www.tandem.net

I personally really like Tandem and I made a detailed video explaining exactly how I use the app to find French speaking friends.

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